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The Memorial Hall of Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery represents three basic concepts in its architectural design: 
Simplicity, Cleanness, and Dignity.
Its simple "straight line" symbolises Japanese beauty. The hexagon shape echoes honeycombs, which express natural beauty and strength against pressure from any direction.

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ceramic coffinIMG_0265.JPG

Ossuaries and Ceramic Coffin

The remains of the war dead are enshrined in underground ossuaries.

The oldest are located beneath the ceramic coffin at the centre of the Hexagonal Memorial Hall.

The newest were built-in in March 1991, 2000, and 2013 at the rear area of the Memorial Hall.

Weighing as much as five tons, the ceramic coffin is one of the largest ceramic objects in the world. It was made from Japanese soil and pebbles gathered from the major warzones overseas, fired at a temperature of 1,700 degrees. It contains a gilt bronze vase in the shape of a tea jar - a gift from the Showa Emperor - in which are enshrined remains symbolising all who died in the war.

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memorial poem by showa EmperorIMG_0281.J

Memorial Poem by the Showa Emperor

"Whenever we ponder on those who dedicated their lives for the cause of our nation, our heart aches with deep emotion."

Upon the monument is engraved a poem composed by the Showa Emperor, His Excellency Emperor Hirohito, as copied in the hand of Princess Chichibu in the fall of the year of the cemetery's establishment.

It was erected on March 28, 1960.

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memorial poem by Emperor EmeritusIMG_028

Memorial Poem by Emperor Emeritus

"Having walked through times when there was no such great war, my thoughts go out to the people who had lived through those days of cruel hardship."

This monument carries an engraving of a poem composed by the Emperor Emeritus, as copied in

the hand of Princess Hitachi at the New Year Poetry Reading Ceremony, to commemorate

the 60th anniversary of the war's end. It was erected on September 27, 2005.

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Main History Board with Multi-Language Audio

Located in the Middle of Evergreen Trees in Tokyo

Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery faces the moat on both sides, and the road leads to the Imperial Palace garden.

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Cherry Blossoms.jpeg

Situated along Chidorigafuchi Moat near Imperial Palace's Garden

Around 260 cherry trees are planted around Chidorigafuchi Moat and in cherry blossom season, they are lit up spectacularly.

Many people visit this ideal spot to view the cherry blossoms in Tokyo. 

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Resting Hall with
Flower Arrangement Displays

The Resting Hall is provided for those who have finished paying their respects at the Memorial Hall. 

Every week, Ikebana teachers from the Imperial Flower Academy offer flower arrangements to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits.

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