Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery 

Established by the Japanese government in 1959 to house the remains of the many unknown Japanese soldiers, military employees, and ordinary civilians who died overseas during World War II.

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Annual Autumn Memorial Service was held at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery on October 18th,  2021 from 13.00 to 14.00.

The Crown Prince and Princess Akishino -Miya attended the annual service.

The Autumn Memorial Service was hosted by the Memorial Foundation and receives around 300 attendees downsized this year because of the coronavirus infection.

The memorial service is held annually in the middle of October to console the spirits of the soldiers, military employees, and citizens enshrined at the Memorial Hall, who symbolize the spirits of all people who lost their lives in the war.


Annual Autumn Memorial Service was held at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery on October 19th, 2020 from 13:00 to 14:00.

The Crown Prince & Princess Akishino-Miya attended the annual service. This year is exceptional as it marks the commemoration of the 75 anniversary of the Japanese surrender in WWII.

Due to the coronavirus, the size of the Memorial Service was reduced to prevent spread. 400 guests were participating in this annual event.

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Prime Minister Abe and President of the

Famous Japanese Actress, Haruka Ayase, Visiting Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery for TBS series from August 15 at 2.00 PM JST

July 26/ 2020

Famous Japanese Actress, Haruka Ayase, visited Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery with her TV crew members on July 26, 2020, to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits. The TV program, entitled ”Listening to the War”, will be aired on TBS from August 15 at  2.00 PM JST.

Prime Minister Abe and Cabinet Members Visiting Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery on 75th Japan Surrender Anniversary

August 15/ 2020

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery with major cabinet members to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits on the 75th Japan Surrender Anniversary.

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare held the first annual worship ceremony since start of the pandemic

May 30/2022

The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare held the first annual worship ceremony since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic more than 2 years ago.
This year the 217 unknown remains journeyed from Russia (176), Central Pacific (32) and Iwo Jima (9).

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"Let's learn together" Program:
Episode 1 - From Collecting Remains to Bringing back Home

Discover the diverse history of Japan and the sacrifices of the Japanese service members and their families through the unique lens of Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery and its history.

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