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Foundation Mission

・To connect the people with honour and dignity of the War Dead Spirits.
・To cooperate with the government to maintain the Cemetery.
・To provide various bereaved family support services to visitors.
・To provide necessary research on war-related history.

About Foundation: Welcome
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Message from Chairman Akira Tsukada 
(2022 - Present)

A warm welcome to our English website.

Our mission is to promote the dedication of the War Dead and pass on these values through incorporation. As the post-war generation is ageing, we strive to adapt and provide more appropriate communication and worship approaches to sustain our foundation mission to the younger generations. 

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Message from Ex-Chairman Yamazaki Fumio (2020 - 2022)

Methods can change. Principles never do.

The increasing challenges of the pandemic are placing a more significant burden not only on governments and individuals but also our foundation.

Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery Memorial Foundation never changes our principle which is to build the substantial and deep connections of the Japanese people, especially the young generation, to the honour and dignity of the War Dead soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives to our nation.

We also add our mission to promote the cemetery in English for any foreign visitors who want to learn more about the Japanese World War II history. We would like to offer our appreciation to our Thai lifetime member and volunteer who has established and maintained this website at her own expenses. Her dedication is from her strong connection to our cemetery, together with her strong mission to connect other foreigners to Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery.

In 2020, the foundation is committing to putting great efforts to implement our mission as in the previous years.

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About Foundation: About Us
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