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Annual Autumn Memorial Service was held at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery on October 19th from 13:00 to 14:00.

The Crown Prince & Princess Akishinono-Miya attended the annual service. This year is exceptional as it marks the commemoration of the 75 anniversary of the Japanese surrender in WWII.

Due to the coronavirus, the size of the Memorial Service was reduced to prevent spread. 400 guests were participating in this annual event.

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Crown Prince and Princess arrived at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery

Attending at the National Anthem

Worship by Prince and Princess


Japanese Tea Ceremony Dedication

Reciting the Poem of Showa Emperor

Children's Song Dedication


Worship by Japanese Air-Self Defence Force, Ground Self-Defence Force, and Maritime Self-Defence Force.

Eulogy by Prime Minister Suga's Representative

Flower Dedication by Bereaved Families

Prime Minister Abe and President of the

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery with major cabinet members to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits on August 15, 2020, 75th Japan Surrender Anniversary.

August 15/ 2020

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery with Minister Katsunobu Kato, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and other cabinet members, to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits on August 15, 2020, 75th Japan Surrender Anniversary.

President Tsushima Yuji, President of the Memorial Foundation, offered a heartfelt welcome to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Minister Katsunobu Kato and his cabinet members.

Actress Visiting Cemetery.jpeg

Famous Japanese Actress, Haruka Ayase, Visiting Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery for TBS series from August 15 at 2.00 PM JST

July 26/ 2020

Famous Japanese Actress, Haruka Ayase, visited Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery with her TV crew members on July 26, 2020, to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits. The TV program, entitled ”Listening to the War”, will be aired on TBS from August 15 at  2.00 PM JST.

After praying and offering the flowers to the War Dead Spirits, she endorsed this important message during the interview, ‘We should never go to war’. 


First Religious Livestream Event on Youtube during COVID-19

September 18/ 2020

One of the largest Japanese Buddhism groups, Jyoudo Shinsyu, hosted the memorial service at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery. The event was broadcasted to their Japanese followers at the same time as the actual event. With this approach, there are no boundaries to pay respect to the War Dead Spirits

Rissho Kosei Kai.jpg

The Most Extended Memorial Services Hosted by Rissho Kosei Kai since 1959

September 22/ 2020

Rissho Kosei Kai has been hosting the memorial service annually since 1959. This year this Buddhism group still carries on their ritual at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery on September 22, 2020. It has been 61 years consecutively, and will continue in the coming years.


Memorial Service hosted by World Federation of the Japanese Buddhist Council.

November 13/ 2020

World Federation of the Japanese Buddist Council hosted the memorial service on November 13th, 2020. 

The number of participants was reduced to a quarter due to the coronavirus restrictions.

World Federation of the Japanese Buddist Council was established in 1946 with the mission to support world peace, located in New York City, USA.

Defence Academy Cardets.jpeg

Annual Traditional Hiking by Academy Cadets from Yokosuka

November 29/ 2020

In the early morning at around 7:30 on 29, November,  about 480 Defense Academy cadets visited the Cemetery to pay their full respect to the War Dead Spirits.

One day before, at 12 noon they started their journey walking all the way non-stop from Yokosuka to Tokyo, approximately 70 km by distance.

This traditional hiking custom takes place every year for almost 60 years. 


Memorial Service by
Peace Ring of Guam Japan

March 23/ 2021

On 23 March 2021, a memorial service was held at Chirorigafuchi by bereaved families called Peace Ring of Guam Japan.

There was a fierce battle between American and Japanese soldiers on Guam Island, mid-Pacific, in 1944.
After decades, both soldiers made reconciliation and assembled from time to time to have a joint Memorial service and to do some voluntary work for the Guam people who suffered from the battle.

Peace Ring of Guam Japan is a Japanese branch of the joint organization.
They make it custom to assemble at Chidorigafuchi and have a memorial service.


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